[mapguide-users] MGOS2.0.2 bundled installation won'tsupportphpon IIS6

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Thanks Kenneth,
I didn't realise you could install Apache and IIS. What would be the reason for doing so? I guess, then, that when the install guide was written, it was with Apache in mind (i.e. specifying 8008)? I found other discrepancies and things that need updating in the install guide. I was thinking of making some corrections and submitting it.
Ed Jobe

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If you install Apache, it will use port 8008, because you may have other stuff (IIS?) using port 80.

Whenever you do something with the Site Admin, it communicates with the MapGuide service over a port on the loopback interface.
This port is NOT 8008, and should not be either.

Whenever your application communicates with the MapGuide service, it uses another port on the loopback interface.
This port is NOT 8008, and should not be either.

(It may redirect to another machine, but usually it is the same machine, and thus a loopback).

Regards, Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S

ed57gmc-bus at yahoo.com skrev: 
Are the port numbers the same in the web config file and the server config file? 
Yes, there are 3 ports config'd and they were the same in both files. They weren't 8008 though. I didn't get prompted to specify them during install like I did with 2.0.1. 
Speaking of ports, the doc's mention localhost:8008. If I use that, it can't find login.php. If I just use localhost, it can. Could someone explain why?
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