[mapguide-users] Re: Print Layout - 2 questions...

Warren Medernach wmedernach at rand.com
Fri Oct 3 12:12:39 EDT 2008

Hi Andrew,
Were you ever able to resolve this print layout issue?

Warren M

>I've got 2 questions about PrintLayouts....1) How do I make my units
metres? I've got >every instance of <units> set to metres in my
PrintLayout, and yet my scale bar insists >that the units are feet. 2)
How the heck do you get a custom logo?? It seems so simple, >but I can't
get it to work for the life of me....I've got a symbol library called
>"Logo", and in it there is one symbol called "Gemlogo-smaller". I've
tried all sorts of >variations on ResourceIDs, but can't get it. 


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