[mapguide-users] Please help! Has anybody used King.Oracle inreal conditions?

Haris Kurtagic haris at sl-king.com
Sat Oct 4 14:50:07 EDT 2008

Hi Zac,

I thing you are not right about way provider is working.
Provider is not using arbitrary schema and optimization is possible and
it uses oracle schemas which are accessible to that user.

Provider will access tables which are accessible to that Oracle User.
One way to optimize is to have Oracle User which will have access to
tables of interest for application , instead of all tables.

It is not new caching that will help, but in FDO it wil be possible to
ask provider about particullar class instead of all classes.
In some cases that can make difference.

Just for reading static spatial data, files will be faster than db but
many other functionalities will be missing.


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caching is in the next release, unfortunately, the king oracle
provider will enumerate
all accessible spatial content in the database via all tables which
requires a permissions
check over and over again. which is really slow. If your a dba user,
the dba_ views
would be much faster


Because the provider uses an arbitrary schema rather than on per
oracle user, as
most people would expect, optimizations like using the user_ views is
not possible

As a result the describe schema sucks.....

I spent a while trying to advocate changing this owner on the
fdo list, but it didn;t go anywhere

I had a good discussion with Geoff Zeiss a few weeks ago at an Autodesk
conference in the hunter valley about his stuff..

The new caching will help, but it's a band aid over a fundamental design
problem with the way the provider access the database.

FDO providers aren't transparent either, each one does it differently


As for general performance with oracle, your going to be waaaay better
off exporting out to
SDF or SQLlite than accessing it from oracle...


On Sat, Oct 4, 2008 at 3:38 AM, gingerbbm <stuart.jones at jacobs.com>
> I am facing the same problems. MapGuide Open Source running on Windows
> 2003 and IIS6, using King.Oracle to connect to an Oracle 10g database.
> Everything's working pretty well except for the fact the memory gets
> at an alarming rate, and it doesn't ever seem to be freed.
> As an aside, I'm concerned about the performance of the enumeration of
> spatial objects in the database. It appears that this happens once per
> database schema. Is there some way of making this quicker? Or caching
> information before users hit the site? I'd appreciate any advice
> although it's close, it's not good enough to go live with. And I've
> a lot of time in this product which I'd like to see the benefit of :)
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Cheers
> Stuart
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