[mapguide-users] StatusScale issue in scale ranges

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Mon Oct 6 12:27:44 EDT 2008

I'd suggest trying:




Depending on whether you want the lower or the upper rule to display at
1:15000.  Otherwise, you're leaving a gap of 1.0 in your scale range.

MapGuide can't display both the lower 15000 and the upper 15000 at the
same time, so the developers had to choose one.  I'm guessing that the
code does something like

lowerbounds <= n < upperbounds

A bit of Google Code Search shows this around line 709 of
MappingUtil.cpp in the Mapping Service, confirming my guess:

// make sure we have a valid scale range 
if (scale >= dl->GetMinScale() && scale < dl->GetMaxScale())


Note, this isn't a bug.  I'll be really annoyed if someone "fixes" this,
as it is now my expected behaviour.


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I have two scale ranges
15001 - infinite

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