[mapguide-users] what's holding people back from upgrading to 2.0?

Jonathan Manafi jonathan.manafi at cctechnol.com
Tue Oct 7 15:25:57 EDT 2008

We experienced extreme CPU and/or memory consumption when we tested MGOS 
2.x with some of our data. We created a ticket(#459 
https://trac.osgeo.org/mapguide/ticket/459) to document our problems, 
and I have been testing this issue with all of the updated releases, and 
I continue to see the same results. We can't zoom all the way into our 
maps without the server locking up and consuming all of the CPU, which 
is stopping us from moving a production environment to MGOS 2. We've 
been able to modify 1.2 to suit our needs for almost everything with 
plugins; and if we couldn't add a specific feature, we went in another 

So far, that has been a killer for our migration.

Zac Spitzer wrote:
> even better is feedback to address this issue..
> what have you gathered from the posts which make you hold back?
> This is really important information to share, discuss and address...
> z

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