[mapguide-users] AJAX versus DWF problem

Sebastian NICIU nick_sebastyan at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 16 07:52:40 EDT 2008

I have a small problem, please help !!!
I am using the java development environment and need to execute some java code when the map has finished loading. Using the AJAX viewer I use a JSP page that has on the onload property of the body this function :
function onPageLoad() {
            if (parent.mapFrame.mapInit) {
                window.open('ajaxviewerMapguideJS.jsp?SESSION=<%=sessionId%>&WEBLAYOUT=<%=webLayout%>&GUID=<%=GUID%>', 'scriptFrame', '');
            } else {
                t = setTimeout("onPageLoad()", 500);
The problem is when I am using the DWF viewer the mapFrame.mapInit variable is always false, because, I understand, the viewer don't use this variable. Do anybody know how could I verify if the map has loaded using the DWF viewer ?
Thanks :)

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