[mapguide-users] Oracle XE with ODBC?

Gordon Luckett gordon.luckett at arrowgeo.com
Thu Oct 16 14:45:32 EDT 2008

Hi, has anyone been able to enumerate the list of tables in Oracle XE 10g
when connecting in MapGuide Studio with ODBC.  

None of the tables appear in the "Show Tables" area when making an OSGEO FDO
Provider for ODBC.  None of the tables are "spatial" just numeric with Lat
and Long...

I have tried many users (DBA rights) - and nothing.  

I know I can connect with ODBC because when I "LINK" tables to the ODBC with
MS Access I can see the tables in Oracle XE.  So the ODBC connection is

Has anyone had any luck with ODBC and XE seeing the tables in Studio 2009?


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