[mapguide-users] DWGLoadProcedure

Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S ks at geograf.dk
Fri Oct 17 03:00:23 EDT 2008

As DWG is a proprietary format, I belive it will be difficult to do this 
with only open-source software.
Supposedly, you can use FME to do it, and I think there is some 
organisation that has a 'open-source' like library for reading DWG data.

There are no methods for dealing with DWG in Maestro or the Maestro API, 
for the above reasons.

As for SHP, it is fairly easy to do this:
IServerConnection con = new HttpServerConnection(url, username, 
password, locale, false);
FeatureSource fs = new FeatureSource();
fs.Provider = "OSGeo.SHP.3.3"; //Adjust if you are not using FDO 3.3
fs.Parameter = new NameValueCollection();
fs.Parameter["DefaultFileLocation"] = 
"%MG_DATA_FILE_PATH%ShapeFile.SHP"; //Can use absolute path here
string resId = "Library://MyShpFile.FeatureSource";
con.SaveResourceAs(fs, resId);
using(System.IO.FileStream fs = 
    con.SetResourceData(resId, "ShapeFile.SHP", ResourceDataType.File, fs);

The above code will create a managed copy of your shape data.
If you want an unmanaged copy, just change "DefaultFileLocation" to the 
absolute path, and remove the "SetResourceData" call.

Regards, Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S

Greenhough, Jamie skrev:
> Hello again MapGuide coders ;)
> I want to programmatically load .dwg/.shp files to a managed MapGuide 
> environment.
> I think this can be accomplished with the MapGuide Studio API... but 
> are there any other ways to get this data into the MapGuide server? 
> I'm trying to stay open source. Are there any methods in the Maestro 
> API to accomplish this?
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