[mapguide-users] Shapefile Features Not Rendering

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Wed Oct 22 12:08:26 EDT 2008

AGG (Anti-Grain Geometry) and GD are two open source graphics libraries,
both near the top of the Google search results if you need more info.  

MapGuide initially used GD exclusively for rendering, but it was unable
to handle advanced anti-aliasing very well so for MGOS 2.0 an AGG-based
renderer was introduced as the default.  Unfortunately, there are a few
outstanding bugs with the AGG renderer.  I haven't seen these when using
scale ranges to limit the display of dense data to large scales only,
but there are some cases where GD is currently a better choice.

To my knowledge, FDO doesn't have an annotation type; it only supports
OGC geometry types.  I'm not using a system with native annotation
objects, but I would imagine that the only workaround for this is to
have MapGuide label the lines that FDO is presenting, and remove the
styling from the lines?

What version of MGOS are you using?  There's been some discussion
recently about the ArcSDE provider on the fdo-users mailing list, and
apparently there have been some speed improvements recently.  No
first-hand experience with this though...  My experience has shown that
using a spatially-indexed file-based format such as SDF or SQLite is
considerably faster than any of the RDBMS providers though.


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Subject: RE: [mapguide-users] Shapefile Features Not Rendering

For my own education and perhaps other reading this thread, what does
and GD stand for and what is the difference between the two renderers?

Regarding the second issue, the FDO provider doesn't recognize
annotation as
annotation and sees it as a line type. Maybe that's by design and I'm
using it correctly. Let me know. Regardless, from what I have read and
first hand is that the FDO provider for SDE is very slow and seldom

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