[mapguide-users] Edit polygon

Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S ks at geograf.dk
Thu Oct 23 03:10:54 EDT 2008

AFAIK there exist no plug-in-module for MapGuide to edit features.

To be able to edit in the browser in any useable way, the editing must 
take place on the client.
This requires heavy javascript or a plugin. IMO OpenLayers does the 
javascript part very well.
And also, IMO, building something like this into a WebLayout would be 
both extremely time
consuming, and a waste of time.

The bonus part of using Fusion would be that it actually builds on 
OpenLayers, so you can use the
OpenLayers editing features in Fusion.

In either way, you must manually read the geometry from the feature in 
MapGuide and send it to the client.
Fortunately MapGuide can give you the object data as WKT, and OpenLayers 
can read WKT objects.

After editing, you have to write back the data, again this can be 
transmitted and read in WKT.

As you can see, this is likely not something you can just throw in, and 
it works, even if you use OpenLayers/Fusion.

Regards, Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S

A H skrev:
> this has been asked several times before, but i haven't found a viable
> solution. is there any codes or plug-in out there that can at least allow
> user to add new vertex to a polygon and move around a drawn polygon in
> Mapguide web layout? (like in the OpenLayers sample)
> or can i use the OpenLayers API to load/save Mapguide features? i never used
> OpenLayers in my application, so i'll appreciate if anyone could show me an
> example to do so.
> currently i'm using MGOS 1.2 (now upgrading to 2.0 but still under
> development) in ASP.NET. the application is using the WebLayout in AJAX and
> allow user to draw or delete polygon and save it to spatial database. so now
> they have problem that they can only draw the polygon at only a certain zoom
> level.
> i don't plan to use the Fusion application yet because the project is urgent
> and we don't have time to try this.
> thank you in advance.

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