[mapguide-users] RFC 47 - Using Visual Studio 2008 and breaking previous tool support - not very open source

UV wild uvwild at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 17:22:48 EDT 2008

Dear all,

The motivation stated in RFC247 only points out some stability points
copied from the Microsoft website.
That 4 core developers decide to break backwards compatibility
for the open source community seems not to be very "open source"
as the assumption that all the newest tools are available are not valid.
(Unless there is an implicit assumption that there is no such community
who would care of course....)

Why not keeping both versions of the project files?
I am sure that the time I have already wasted now would be well enough
to create a second tree of build files for VS2008......
In corporate environments where the tool availability is sometimes not
well defined (as in an open source project) this is the only way to go.

Looking at the trunk the current situation is kind of a mess.
There are now vcproj Version 9 files in some VC7.1 directories of  the
OEM tree. Breaking the build files of foreign imported libraries (dbxml)
seems to be very much missing the point.
Sometimes the convenience just takes over .... this does not look very

Kind Regards,

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