[mapguide-users] google maps as base layer

Maksim Sestic max at geoinova.com
Fri Oct 24 04:46:36 EDT 2008

Does it? I thought that Fusion uses it's own JS mapping implementation
(based on other OS JS components outthere).


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Just to clarify:
Maestro does not use OpenLayers, but Fusion does.

Regards, Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S

ed57gmc-bus at yahoo.com skrev: 

Yes, that's one of the "bits" I found, but still, not the exact steps to get
it into mg. Keneth mentioned Maestro uses OL, but not how. I just haven't
had the time lately to figure out those steps. When I do, I'll post them.


For now, I just thought it interesting to note the differences between the
services. There may be others on the programming side, but for me, the
content is a big item. The other reason, I'm trying to do this in mg and not
their api, is the lack of navigation using their controls. e.g. zoom
previous and zoom window. I also, will want to save the user's last view
between sessions. This seems to be easer in mg/ol.

Ed Jobe

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you can only integrate them using openlayers, any other approach will
probably violate the terms of service (at least with google), unless your
overlaying mapgudie stuff with their api



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