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Chris Claydon chris.claydon at autodesk.com
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One possible approach would be to add a new InvokeUrl command to your web layout. Have the command display your own custom UI in the task pane via the referenced URL, and then write your own script to handle the multiple parameter search request. If you’re using the PHP flavor of the web tier, take a look at www/mapviewerphp/searchprompt.php and search.php. (Note that these files load some of their content from template files located in www/viewerfiles.) These PHP files handle the UI and search request in the current search command, and you should be able to use something similar for your new command.


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hai there,
how to customize mapguide OS so that the search function have multi text box so that i can specify my search.


Country = England
Town = Manchester

Currently the search only provide 1 text box for the user search the data, but what i want is a multi search to specify my query...

any help will do... thanks in advance...

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