[mapguide-users] Overlay Vector over Raster, problem with coordinate system

Dave Wilson dave.wilson at autodesk.com
Wed Oct 29 18:39:19 EDT 2008

Clarify that: you must configure your map to a coordinate system that matches the coordinate system of your raster images which you have set using the override. You can't just arbitrarily set an override on your raster images to match your map. With ECW you may see more than 1 override appear (at least with MapGuide Studio, I'm not sure about Maestro) depending on whether all the ECW files have an embedded CS or not. If they are all the same then hopefully there should be just 1. If not, override any that are unknown to a coordinate system that is valid for the raster images.


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The Map and the raster featuresource must have *exactly*
the same coordinate systems.

That means that you must modify your coordinate system override
on the feature source to be *excatly* the same as on the map.

Mvh. Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S

Steve G skrev:
> I have installed the correct FDO GDAL providers for raster files per the
> instructions on http://trac.osgeo.org/fdo/wiki/FdoGdalNotes.  I am using
> Maestro as the interface to create the data connections, layers, and map
> resources.  I have created a data connection to the raster files (ECWs)
> using the "composite" setting in Maestro.  I've completed the coordinate
> system override.  When I create a layer resource and browse the data using
> the php sample viewer, the data is loaded into the map view just fine.  When
> I create a map and overlay other data (SHP) on the rasters with the same
> coordinate system I get the following responses in the browser:
> -When coordinate system in map settings is blank: shp layers and raster
> files are loaded properly and viewable.
> -When coordinate system in map settings is set: shp are viewable but rasters
> are not.
> I do not think it is a problem with my data because I have been using the
> data for a long time using ESRI products.  One thing I am a little unsure of
> is when you add the raster files in the composite mode, do you just add the
> .ECW files or do you also add the .xml or .aux files as well.
> BTW...I am just getting into this and do not know much about php or xml
> programming (but really trying to learn).  Thanks in advance!
> -Steve
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