[mapguide-users] Is it possible to publish a session layer asWMS ?

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Thu Oct 30 11:41:40 EDT 2008

Like Kenneth said, it's certainly possible to add an enhancement ticket
for this.  When you do this, think about why you want to use the session
for WMS?  Automatic clean up?  HTTP authentication?  Only displaying an
authorized subset of layers?

Writing an RFC does not make sense unless you have resources that you
can allocate to write the code or have convinced someone else to write
it.  Basically, an RFC is a way of obtaining the approval of the project
steering committee for _you_ to add a new feature to MapGuide.


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From: carls
Subject: Re: [mapguide-users] Is it possible to publish a session layer
asWMS ?

What I meant is whether it is possible to add a function to next version
MG OS for publishing a session-layer in WMS.

Maybe MG OS team can have a new RFC about it.

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