[mapguide-users] To customize the object VIEWERMOVESLIDER of the viewer ajax

Chris Claydon chris.claydon at autodesk.com
Mon Feb 2 10:25:26 EST 2009

If you open up the web tier file www/viewerfiles/ajaxmappane.templ in a text editor and search for "sliderscale", you should be able to find most of the code related to this control. There is one div called sliderscale, that corresponds to the main slider, and one called slider that corresponds to the part that actually moves to adjust the zoom. They reference images in the stdicons folder.

FYI - My search found the following occurrences of "sliderscale" in this file:

ajaxmappane.templ(101): div#sliderscale
ajaxmappane.templ(1265): DragSliderScale(e, page);
ajaxmappane.templ(1279): ReleaseSliderScale(e);
ajaxmappane.templ(1313): function DragSliderScale(e, page)
ajaxmappane.templ(1328): MoveMapControl("sliderscale", mapPosX, sscalex + offsX, sscaley + offsY);
ajaxmappane.templ(1349): function ReleaseSliderScale(e)
ajaxmappane.templ(1363): MoveMapControl("sliderscale", mapPosX, sscalex, sscaley);
ajaxmappane.templ(1514): MoveMapControl("sliderscale", mapPosX, sscalex, sscaley);
ajaxmappane.templ(3016): function ClickSliderScale(e)
ajaxmappane.templ(3758): <div id="sliderscale" ><img id="sliderscaleimg" src="../stdicons/sliderscale.png" border=0 vspace=0 hspace=0 usemap="#scalemap" width="51" height="204" onload="OnSliderImageLoaded('sliderscaleimg')"></div>
ajaxmappane.templ(3764): <area shape="rect" coords="6,5,44,18"  onmousedown="return ClickSliderScale(event)" title="__#VIEWERMOVESLIDER#__">


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Hi all,
I would like to customize the object VIEWERMOVESLIDER of the viewer ajax
where can I find the procedure that build it?
where can I find the event of this object?

thank you


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