[mapguide-users] SQL datetime trouble

Darren Karasiuk darren.karasiuk at aldatasoftware.com
Mon Feb 2 14:08:54 EST 2009

Hello, I've been trying to use MapGuide OS and have been able to show a
themed layer when I filter by the unique row id and equipment id.  Instead
of using row IDs, I need to filter the data by date and time ranges.  So
far, when ever I use a datetime field to filter, the entire database is
returned.  I assume if the filter isn't correct then it's nulled and no
filter gets applied, so that's why I get the entire database.


Can anyone tell me the correct method of filtering a layer by a date range,

I've been using Map Guide Studio trial from Autodesk and tried many
different ways of filtering using ToDate() and Extract() with no luck.

I couldn't find any filtering information with the FDO.


I'm using SQL Server 2008. The table has both lat and long fields as well as
its respective geospatial field.


Thanks for any help!




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