[mapguide-users] Integration with Google Earth

Stefan Dalakov s.dalakov at mapware.net
Tue Feb 3 12:36:44 EST 2009

If you save that file -mapagent.fcgi in fact you will save the output of 
this module, i.e. the requested kml/kmz file. However it might be 
windowed this kml file - it will contain part of the layer and will try 
to open it dynamically when you move around in Google Earth, but this 
will for sure contain the kml file.
The simplest perhaps will be to send me these files. You can zip and 
send to my e-mail - I will use ArcMap to convert - it takes a couple of 
minutes.Please add some info about coordinate system. ArcMap is an ESRI 
product, and is not free. AT ALL!

Stefan Dalakov

Sergio Nistal Calvo wrote:
> Hi again,
> I tried with "web tier test page" but it opens a window with a dialog 
> box to download the file "mapagent.fcgi" (I suppose that it will be 
> for php or something). Where can I download the ArcMap? (files to 
> convert are cyl_mun_25.dbf, cyl_mun_25.idx, cyl_mun_25.shp and 
> cyl_mun_25.shx (municipal boundaries), espacios.dbf, espacios.idx, 
> espacios.shp, espacios.shx, espacios.sbn and espacios.sbx (natural 
> areas) and vias.dbf, vias.idx, vias.shp and vias.shx (roads), in total 
> 17.4 MB).
> Thanks.
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> Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2009 00:07:36 +0200
> From: s.dalakov at mapware.net
> To: mapguide-users at lists.osgeo.org
> Subject: Re: [mapguide-users] Integration with Google Earth
> Hi,
> Have you tried with ArcMap ? Or perhaps you could try to convert a 
> mapguide layer to KML using web tier test page - 
> http://localhost:8008/mapguide/mapagent/index.html ?
> I have converted several files with both methods and it works. It was 
> some time ago, but I remember there was a problem in transformation if 
> the coordinate system of the layer is not Decmal degrees (lat/lon) on 
> WGS 84
> If it is a single file and you need just the KML output, I can try 
> converting it for you
> Stefan Dalakov
> Sergio Nistal Calvo wrote:
>     Hi,
>     I´m trying to convert some data in shp format to kml format with
>     Shp2kml program and I have two problems: 1 - one of the data, I
>     can´t convert because the attribute is "too long, > 100 characters
>     (240)", 2 - opening the other data with Google Earth, I get the
>     map upside down, as if seen with a mirror, and displaced a few
>     meters/kilometers on the right. The coordinate system of the data
>     is LOCAL_CS ["Non-Earth (Meter)", LOCAL_DATUM ["Local Datum", 0],
>     UNIT ["Meter", 1], AXIS ["X", EAST], AXIS [" Y", NORTH]], but I
>     can´t get it shp2kml so I leave the default "WGS 1984 Global
>     Definition" and I put "projected UTM (meters), Northern
>     Hemisphere, UTM Zone 32".
>     Any help is appreciated.
>     Thanks.
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