[mapguide-users] Integration with Google Earth

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Tue Feb 3 13:35:20 EST 2009

You're using shp2kml from here?




SL-King's fdo2fdo application has the ability to quickly convert from SHP to KML:




Which you can then bring into Google Earth to style.




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I´m trying to convert some data in shp format to kml format with Shp2kml program and I have two problems: 1 - one of the data, I can´t convert because the attribute is "too long, > 100 characters (240)", 2 - opening the other data with Google Earth, I get the map upside down, as if seen with a mirror, and displaced a few meters/kilometers on the right. The coordinate system of the data is LOCAL_CS ["Non-Earth (Meter)", LOCAL_DATUM ["Local Datum", 0], UNIT ["Meter", 1], AXIS ["X", EAST], AXIS [" Y", NORTH]], but I can´t get it shp2kml so I leave the default "WGS 1984 Global Definition" and I put "projected UTM (meters), Northern Hemisphere, UTM Zone 32".
Any help is appreciated.


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