[mapguide-users] MapGuide REST Extension

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Wed Feb 4 14:20:28 EST 2009

Not sure why you would want to pass those features as a GET?

Are you maybe talking about selection or buffering by a user-defined
polygon?  If so, then the correct pattern would be to post that feature
to a session-based resource, and then reference that resource when doing
the selection.

Hmm.  I don't think that the framework currently supports accessing
session-based resources, but that's certainly something to think about.
Haris, do you have any insight into this?

The other option would be to send a POST with a "method" override in
either the HTTP headers or as a parameter.  Doing this breaks REST
design philosophy, and I wouldn't be all that happy to see it as a
primary access method, but many frameworks allow it.


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From: GordonL
Subject: Re: [mapguide-users] MapGuide REST Extension

the REST extension looks really promising.  I particularly like the
"code-free" aspect to extract attributes and coordinates of the

Have  you found it limiting due to the GET limitations.  For example, I
often have features with thousands of vertices, and it would be
passing those features as a GET...

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