[mapguide-users] how to use FDO api into MAPGUIDE applications

Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S ks at geograf.dk
Sat Feb 7 04:50:01 EST 2009

That is true, for instructions, head over to the FDO site:

The trick to using the FDO libraries, is that you must replicate the 
setup information stored in MapGuide.
For SHP files, this means that you must have the file's path, and access 
to it.
If you store the SHP file as resource data (aka. internal, managed), you 
can call
GetResourceData and SetResourceData to load and save the SHP file.

The insert and updates are done with the MgFeatureService.UpdateFeatures 

The reason that you cannot create SHP files, using the MapGuide API,
is that there is only a MgCreateSdfParams class, and no MgCreateShpParams.

Regards, Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S

Rodolfo Moreno skrev:
> I have read that only SDFs can be created and altered with mapguide API,
> which is why I need to use FDO api in my mapguide applications in order to
> create and alter SHPs.
> If anyone has code sample or documentation about it, I will be very
> grateful.
> Cheers,
> -----
> Rodolfo Moreno
> CivilEng

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