[mapguide-users] RE: Fusion javascript (phpviewersample)

Chris Claydon chris.claydon at autodesk.com
Wed Feb 11 10:18:53 EST 2009

Looking at MapGuideViewerApi.js, it tries to reference Fusion using: var Fusion = window.top.Fusion.

This *should* work provided that the script is running in the task pane, and that the top level window contains the Fusion template. If you're running the template in a frame, or if you launch the script in a popup window, it would probably fail.

You could try something like this to provide a more robust means of locating Fusion... Please let me know if this helps!

var Fusion = GetFusionWindow().Fusion;

function GetFusionWindow() {
    var curWindow = window;
        if(curWindow.parent && curWindow != curWindow.parent)
            curWindow = curWindow.parent;
        else if(curWindow.opener)
            curWindow = curWindow.opener;
    return curWindow;

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I have migrated different applications ('theme layer' and 'query') onto fusion. The following lines of the javascript code encounter errors:
? parent.parent.Refresh();
? parent.parent.mapFrame.ZoomToView(feature.centerX, feature.centerY, scale, true);
? parent.parent.mapFrame.SetSelectionXML(TrimString(selectionXml));

For the "theme layer" application, I have referenced the "MapGuideViewerApi.js" in the script and I have changed the "parent.parent.Refresh();" by "Refresh()"  without success.
Errors referenced in firebug:
? Fusion is not defined
MapGuideViewerApi.js()        MapGuideViewerApi.js (line172)
Fusion.Tool.Canvas.prototype.getMap = function()

? Fusion is undefined
Refresh()     MapGuideViewerApi.js (line 33)

For the "query" application, I have no solution.

Could you help me to resolve these problems?


Arnaud De Groof


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