[mapguide-users] New Tab Like Properties and Layers

Mark Pendergraft markp at Meadgilman.com
Thu Feb 12 16:37:24 EST 2009

I'm aware that this may not be an option for you, but adding a new tab
in Fusion is extremely easy.  The fusion layout uses the Jx Library
which makes adding tabs, collapsible div's, etc. very simple to

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I've been asked to add a new tab to the default viewer (a search tab).

I would like to know if anyone else has been able to complete such a
task, I
was thinking of doing something like the following.

I would like it to function in the same manner as the properties tab, as
be able to slide it up and down and open and shut using the little
button on the right.

I keep getting argument not valid error...

If this is possible is it also possible to add javascript functions to
handle the various drag / minimise /maximise funtions at the same time?

function createNewTab()
var InfoDiv = parent.document.getElementById('InfoDiv');
var divToAdd = document.createElement('div');
divToAdd.setAttribute('id', 'myNewDiv');
divToAdd.innerHTML = 'some Text';



Any help wold be great :)

I would like to do this without having to edit the ajaxmappane.tmpl or
of the default files, I would rather do it on an onLoad event so as
other applications can still use the default layout.


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