[mapguide-users] New Tab Like Properties and Layers

Mark Pendergraft markp at Meadgilman.com
Thu Feb 12 17:47:59 EST 2009

I agree with you about wasted space.  One of the primary reasons for
moving to Fusion for me was the fact that the layout was so rigid.
Best of luck.

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Thanks for the heads up Mark, at the moment it is not an option, I've
looked into the fusion layouts to much, upon first couple of test runs
seemed the initial loading of the map was much longer than the default
layout, unfortunately for the application I'm working on time spent in
map would have been less than time spent loading the map....(for future
applications I will be taking a close look at the fusion layouts)

I have code to replace the properties panel with custom properties panel
depending on what feature you are viewing, which to me is a big step,
however I have found that the task pane is a big screen space hog for
to no benefit for this application, therefore I have removed it, which
leaves search me wanting to add this search panel to the left pane (just
seems logical)?

The properties panel code is fairly basic at the moment (and probably
already been done before), but perhaps I can share it in the hope it
grow into something much more?


Adam J

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