[mapguide-users] Fusion 2.0 Beta Notes

Mark Pendergraft markp at Meadgilman.com
Mon Feb 16 21:17:20 EST 2009

I'm trying to implement Google Maps into my Fusion application using the
2.0 Beta.  I'm having a bit of trouble.  Right now I'm trying to load
the Sheboygan map and the google map in the same MapGroup and my program
has continuous errors (which seem to point to the maptip).  I also have
to disable the OverviewMap when I load the google map because it crashes
when it loads.

Can anyone provide some instructions or a brief overview on how we
should be incorporating MapGuide and Google Maps into the same map?


Also, I've noticed a few other bugs in 2.0:

The CursorPosition widget does not show up in default layout unless the
widget is added twice to the Statusbar container.  It would appear that
the second element in the statusbar container is actually overlapping
the first element.  So the element is there, but you can't see it
because the second element in the container is on top of it.   This
happens with all Splitterbar controls added to the layout.


Neither Tooltips nor the MapTip appear to work.


The Coordinates in the CursorPosition widget appear to be incorrect.
The X value is always negative (on the Sheboygan example and on my own
map which is in Washington State Plane Coordinate System (HPGN) North
Zone US Foot).  A negative X value in a Washington state projection
would indicate a position somewhere in the ocean.


Another issue I've noticed with the CursorPosition widget is that it
always seems to report in meters despite my map being in Feet.  The
widget reports in my maps units (feet), but appends a 'm' on the end of
the X and Y.



-Mark P.s

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