[mapguide-users] asp.net example of loading a webmapservice layer

miansi AndreiSinelnikov at SierraSystems.com
Thu Feb 19 15:21:37 EST 2009

1. Follow this link

this will give you intellisence support for all MGOS schemas.

2. I am adding layer to the map this way:
        /// <summary>
        /// Add new layer to MG repository and to the map
        /// </summary>
        /// Layer name
        /// Layer legend label
        /// Layer group name
        /// Layer group legend label
        /// Layer (of type point) attributes to populate with
        /// SQL table (or View) column list
        public void AddPointLayerDef2Map(
            String layerName
            , String layerLegendLabel
            , String groupName
            , String groupLegendLabel
            , LayerPointAttributes attributes
            , DataTable dbColumns)
            // Get or set the resourceid of the map to load
            MgResourceIdentifier resourceMap = new
            // Define a new resourseLayer
            MgResourceIdentifier resourseLayer = new
MgResourceIdentifier(this.Attributes.MgLayerName(layerName, groupName));
            // Create our connection to the resource service
            MgResourceService resourceService =
            // Get new Layer XML
            String xmlLayer = Spatial.Helper.GetLayerXml(attributes,
            // Save it
            // TODO: AS: I think we have to use UpdateResource in case layer
already exists on the map.
            // Confirm and update logic
            resourceService.SetResource(resourseLayer, new
MgByteReader(xmlLayer, MgMimeType.Xml), null);

            // TODO: Check if there is map available and if not:
            // 1. Create map
            // 2. Create layer
            // Get updated map XML
            String xmlMap = Spatial.Helper.GetMapXml(
                , resourceMap
                , resourseLayer
                , layerName
                , layerLegendLabel
                , groupName
                , groupLegendLabel);
            // Save it
            resourceService.SetResource(resourceMap, new
MgByteReader(xmlMap, MgMimeType.Xml), null);


Two classes participating in:

http://n2.nabble.com/file/n2355204/Helper.cs Helper.cs 
http://n2.nabble.com/file/n2355204/MgController.cs MgController.cs 

Let me know if that is what you looking for.


stoff wrote:
> Hi,
> the devGuide gives an example of adding layers to a map in php.
> Has anybody an comparable example in asp.net?
> I want to load an ogc-wms into the map by loading an existing 
> layer.definition.xml to a resource and add the resource to the
> map. The xml-file can by generated for example by the mapguide
> studio ...
> Thanks a lot,
> stoff

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