[mapguide-users] Two performance questions

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Fri Feb 20 13:31:47 EST 2009

The main performance increase from pulling tiles from multiple hosts is
actually due to working around the RFC-recommended limitation of two
HTTP connections per host.  I believe that you can work around this in
the MapGuide OpenLayers data source by setting your data source to be a
list of servers rather than a single server (which could all be CNAMEs
pointing to the same host).  There is a ticket for exposing this
capability in Fusion, but I don't believe that it has been addressed:


There are quite a few other ways that MapGuide tiling performance could
be improved.  Zac covers this in his blog:


Serving files via HTTP is actually pretty darn cool, because you could
use it to serve MapGuide tiles from something like Amazon's CloudFront.
If you had MapGuide running under EC2, this would be a natural.


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It would be nice to have the possibility to serve tiles from differents
servers like google or yahoo. This would be a great performance advance.

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