[mapguide-users] Two performance questions

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Sat Feb 21 21:39:21 EST 2009

What symptoms are you seeing with MgCooker?  I wonder if you're running into the same issue that I did.  I wanted to test with a single zoom level, so I initially unchecked the base layer group to unselect everything, and then selected the individual zoom level I was interested in.  When doing this, the cooker failed to run because the top-level checkbox didn't automatically get re-selected.
Note, you'd have to test to see if this tool is any faster than the JS tile seeder.  Each instance of MgCooker seems to use a single HTTP connection, and makes requests via the MapAgent.
Ideally, the tile service would have a method like CreateTile that generates the tile without returning the image to the client.  The success/failure of the tile creation could be indicated by the HTTP status code, with detailed exception information returned via XML/JSON content.
I also wonder if tile seeding could be done with a native connection, to avoid the HTTP and webserver overhead.
I'd definitely be interested to hear the conclusions of your tests.  It would be great to summarize all of the information from this thread on the MGOS wiki and/or the MapGuide Best Practices Wiki.


From: gingerbbm
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Subject: RE: [mapguide-users] Two performance questions

Thanks for all your thoughts. Removing unnecessary attributes from the SDFs
is something we can definitely do.

My set-up is MGE2009 on Windows under IIS6 and my questions are really about
how best to configure MapGuide for this environment. I'm running through
various tests but thought it best to canvas opinion amongst people on the
list who've been through these things before.

I've had a quick look at Kenneth's cooker but it doesn't seem to be working
right. Need to find more time for this because if there's a clear winner
between that and Zac's JS seeder I want to use the quickest, obviously.

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