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Michael G. Byrne MByrne at tonkin.co.nz
Thu Mar 12 18:54:13 EDT 2009

In fusion I cannot see where you can click one item in the list returned by the search widget and zoom to the item - you can zoom to a view that shows all selected items. For example if the search widget returns a list of properties spread through a city  - how can you click one of the properties in the list returned and have mapguide zoom to that property? If there are 100 items selected spread through the city it is hard to see where item X in the list is located. May be I am missing something?


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Hi Michael,
MapGuide does have this functionality.  In the Basic WebLayout, if you create a 'Search', it provides the ability to zoom to a result of the search.  Check out the Sheboygan sample and the SheboyganAsp WebLayout.

In the Fusion Layouts, check out the Search Widget for the same functionality.
Hope this helps

Warren M

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The capability to zoom to a feature (such as by clicking a feature in a list of features found by a search) should be a basic capability of a GIS system - why doesn't Mapguide and fusion have it out of the box?


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Hi Padmini..
   In which file u wrote this code?or is it an in-built file?
On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 3:52 PM, padmini godavarthi <godavarthi.padmini at gmail.com<mailto:godavarthi.padmini at gmail.com>> wrote:

Iam using Mapguide Opensource 2.0 (with .net 2.0 +IIS 5.1)

I want to query the parcel_id and zoomed it on the map

may code is

      NameValueCollection serverVars = Request.ServerVariables;
      String strServerVars = "";
      foreach (String str in serverVars.AllKeys)

          strServerVars += "<br>" + str;

      String platform = serverVars["SERVER_SOFTWARE"];
      String queryStr = serverVars["QUERY_STRING"];
      string queryStr1 = serverVars["Form"];
      NameValueCollection requestParams = Request.HttpMethod == "POST" ?
Request.Form : Request.QueryString;
      String sessionId = Request.QueryString["SESSION"];
      //String sessionId = Request.QueryString["SESSION"]; ;

      string realPath = Request.ServerVariables["APPL_PHYSICAL_PATH"];
      String configPath = realPath + "webconfig.ini";

      MgUserInformation userInfo = new MgUserInformation(sessionId);

      MgSiteConnection siteConnection = new MgSiteConnection();

      MgResourceService resService =
      MgFeatureService featureService =

      MgMap map = new MgMap();
      map.Open(resService, "oramap");

      MgFeatureQueryOptions nameQuery = new MgFeatureQueryOptions();

//nameQuery.SetFilter(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["FieldToFilter"] +
"=" + Globals.gURLParam);
      nameQuery.SetFilter("PARCEL_ID" + "=" + "670_111");
      MgResourceIdentifier parcelId = new
      MgFeatureReader featureReader =
featureService.SelectFeatures(parcelId, "GEOM_TABLE", nameQuery);

      //Highlight the query result on the map
      MgSelection selection = new MgSelection(map);
      MgLayer layer = (MgLayer)map.GetLayers().GetItem("GEOM_TABLE");

      featureReader = featureService.SelectFeatures(parcelId,
"GEOM_TABLE", nameQuery);
      selection.AddFeatures(layer, featureReader, 0);
    String selectXML = selection.ToXml();
      selection.Save(resService, "oramap");
      Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(Page.GetType(), "test",
"select('" + selectXML + "');", true);

but i got an error at

 MgFeatureReader featureReader = featureService.SelectFeatures(parcelId,
"GEOM_TABLE", nameQuery);

1)can u plz tell me what do u man by faeture class name?
from where i will gt it?

Thanks and Regards,
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