[mapguide-users] Centos 5.2

Dave Fouts sysadmin at fruita.org
Sun Mar 15 08:09:40 EDT 2009

I have spent many hours trying to compile mapguide 2.0.2 on Centos 5.2 
(32 bit full install)and have yet to find success. I have scoured the 
net trying to find a VM that is already setup or an answer and can not 
find one, most everything I find talks about older versions of both MG 
and Centos. We are trying to evaluate Mapguide vs the ESRI products 
(this is a City). I am using the FDO 332 files, I can get to the make 
stage on mapguide but always get an error. Has anyone actually compiled 
this combination. This will actually be run on a XENserver as a VM. I 
have followed the compile instructions to the letter and have tried 
various other suggestions as well and to this point no success.



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