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Mike Adair madair at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Mar 16 13:24:02 EDT 2009

Yes there is the LinkToView widget which provides bookmarking.  It 
provides a labeled anchor tag with a link to the current mapview.


Chris Claydon wrote:
> I think I saw some support for bookmarking go into Fusion 2.0. There are some developers from DM Solutions on this list that may be able to provide more details...
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> Hi All,
> I was wondering, has anyone seen a bookmarking tool (either FUSION or Basic
> Web Layout)?  
> I think there are different ways of doing this.  
> 1. I saw one solution that grabbed the URL of the web layout (including
> sessionid) but this expires...
> 2. I thought I could capture the map name, current scale, and the current
> layer visibility in the session and store to a database..then apply these
> parameters after the user logs in.
> 3. I thought I saw a FUSION demo that "save map" would store the map
> permanently in the repository and just share it to everyone, but does anyone
> know if this stored the current status (scale and layer visibility
> status)????
> The issue I have with all these approaches is that this requires that the
> web layout is customized to accommodate the passing of these parameters...
> it would be great if there were URL parameters (GET or POST) that we can
> pass the scale and layer status to the whole Web Layout (FUSION or BASIC)...
> any feedback on how anyone worked through this issue would be great.
> thanks
> gordon

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