[mapguide-users] Urgent MGOS stability problem

Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S ks at geograf.dk
Fri Mar 20 08:24:11 EDT 2009

MGE is based on MGOS (or the other way around :)), so unless you plan
on using the special Autodesk.Oracle or Autodesk.Raster providers, 
and bugs should be the same.

However, it seems that MGE 2010 will be avalible shortly, perhaps even 
before the
MGOS 2.1 beta, so that might fix some problems for you.

Regards, Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S

marius.360 skrev:
> Hi all,
> This is regarding Ticket #726 and Ticket #480.
> We have a MGOS 2.0.2, .net and IIS 6.0 site running on windows server 2003,
> spatial data residing in Oracle 10gR2 with the latest King.oracle provider
> and displayed with the DWF viewer. 
> Our map consists of 16 layer groups, and 122 layers that are authored so
> that the minimum layers are displaying by default. There is one raster
> layer, displaying mrSID's. Most of the big layers read from sdf to increase
> performance, and some layers read from oracle using the king.oracle
> provider. A few of these oracle layers read from views. Everything displays
> with reasonable speed. 
> The user environment has a potential of about 400 users, but they won't ever
> be connected at one time. We can expect at most 100 users accessing the site
> at one time.
> The problem we have is that mgos used to crash regularly, about once a day.
> After a few posts on the userlists it was thought that our raster layer
> might be causing the problem. I have turned of the raster layer to prevent
> this untill a fix is found, or a later version. Since then the crashes have
> decreased a lot, now it only occurs about once a week, much less than
> before. Also from a previous post of mine, someone mentioned that I might be
> affected but the bugs found in Ticket #726 and Ticket #480.
> Can anyone please comment on if this seems likely, or if there might be some
> other problems? Also, will these bugs be present in Mapguide Enterprise? If
> no solution is found, we will move over to enterprise, but if this bug is
> still present there then it won't be the answer.
> Please let me know if more Info is required, I will gladly provide it. Any
> inputs will be welcome, or any hints and tips regarding the overall
> situation.
> Kind Regards,
> Marius.

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