[mapguide-users] Urgent MGOS stability problem

marius.360 marius at osssa.co.za
Fri Mar 20 09:32:54 EDT 2009

Thanks Haris, I will implement on our test server and see if it eases our
problems... Can you perhaps tell me what these two bugs where?

Haris Kurtagic wrote:
> We have simillar problems on customer site. We found that we have
> problems with rasters.
> Same problems are with MG ENT and with MGOS and also not working
> correclty using either Autodesk or OsGeo raster provider.
> Up to now, I have found 2 bugs in MG server code. I fixed those bugs and
> It works better for us now but still not completly ok (latest version
> yet to be tested at customer site).
> If you want to try it, here is file to replace:
> http://www.sl-king.com/download/MgStylization.rar
> Unrar and replace over your existing file.
> Haris
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> Hi all,
> This is regarding Ticket #726 and Ticket #480.
> We have a MGOS 2.0.2, .net and IIS 6.0 site running on windows server
> 2003,
> spatial data residing in Oracle 10gR2 with the latest King.oracle
> provider
> and displayed with the DWF viewer. 
> Our map consists of 16 layer groups, and 122 layers that are authored so
> that the minimum layers are displaying by default. There is one raster
> layer, displaying mrSID's. Most of the big layers read from sdf to
> increase
> performance, and some layers read from oracle using the king.oracle
> provider. A few of these oracle layers read from views. Everything
> displays
> with reasonable speed. 
> The user environment has a potential of about 400 users, but they won't
> ever
> be connected at one time. We can expect at most 100 users accessing the
> site
> at one time.
> The problem we have is that mgos used to crash regularly, about once a
> day.
> After a few posts on the userlists it was thought that our raster layer
> might be causing the problem. I have turned of the raster layer to
> prevent
> this untill a fix is found, or a later version. Since then the crashes
> have
> decreased a lot, now it only occurs about once a week, much less than
> before. Also from a previous post of mine, someone mentioned that I
> might be
> affected but the bugs found in Ticket #726 and Ticket #480.
> Can anyone please comment on if this seems likely, or if there might be
> some
> other problems? Also, will these bugs be present in Mapguide Enterprise?
> If
> no solution is found, we will move over to enterprise, but if this bug
> is
> still present there then it won't be the answer.
> Please let me know if more Info is required, I will gladly provide it.
> Any
> inputs will be welcome, or any hints and tips regarding the overall
> situation.
> Kind Regards,
> Marius.
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