[mapguide-users] RE: MapGuide connection to SQL Server through ODBC

Jason Birch jason at jasonbirch.com
Tue Apr 6 23:28:23 EDT 2010

I'd personally consider this a defect.  I wouldn't be surprised if somehow
the ampersand in the password isn't getting escaped properly somewhere in
the XML, but that's just a WAG.  Even if it's not something that can be
fixed (odbc limitation?), a better error description would be good.  Google
definitely isn't a help, but at least your blog post comes up near the

Bob&Doug?  Take off eh! :)


On 6 April 2010 20:01, Warren Medernach wrote:

>  Oh you know it Jason, extremely frustrating…
> I did think about submitting it as a defect, but then I thought is it
> really a defect?
> After reading up a bit on SS password policies, it does state that
> non-alphanumeric characters such as: exclamation point (!), dollar sign ($),
> number sign (#), or percent (%) are valid, it just doesn’t specifically say
> that an ampersand (&) is invalid.
> So, having said all of that… it would have been nice if MG provided a more
> description error message, but the question remains, is this a defect?  I
> can definitely submit a defect, if you feel it is.
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