[mapguide-users] Re: MapGuide integration with Google Earth

Jason Birch jason at jasonbirch.com
Thu Apr 15 03:53:54 EDT 2010

Your constant questions in this forum are a drain on our community, and
would have cost you thousands of dollars if you were paying for training or
consulting.  We have a generous community, and they like helping people, but
only if you are also helping yourself. If you want help, you need to show
more initiative and independent work.  What have you done so far?  What
error message are you getting?

An understanding of KML (from your own research), general MapGuide
development knowledge (from the developers guide) and the MgKmlService
documentation (below) should be enough for you to get KML output.


Because this is a popular topic, a simple Google search will turn up
documentation from other users who have already done this. including a
step-by-step guide.


Fair warning: the MapGuide PSC will be developing guidelines for revocation
of posting privileges from people who are deemed to be abusing community


On 14 April 2010 23:52, padmini godavarthi wrote:

> iam trying to integrate MGOS  layer with Google Earth.
> iam doing in Php .if u did it please share some sample code.
> by studying the mails in nabble, i have undertanding of i have to use
> MgKmlService for this .
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