[mapguide-users] Re: building 64bit openmapguide on rhel 5.4

Balogh Ádám adamb at geoform.hu
Fri Apr 16 09:48:50 EDT 2010

Dear Stefano, Rajeev and other who are awaiting for my reaults I can proudly 
present, that after 4 weeks work I finally build openmapguide on 64 bit RHEL 
Linux.Thanks Kevin and Stefano for IFDEF staf, Trevor for atomic, and all 
who halped. Thank you.I have Not tested it yet, detailed notes on build in 
private for those who asked (Rajeev)Happy weekend,Adam BaloghSorry for late 
response, KFW is right, you can remove the IFDEF and you will be able to 
compile on RH 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5, but the IFDEF was added to implement that 
functionalities, so my advice is to consider to do something "alternative".

I don't know why, but the functionalities were implemented in the IFDEF in 
more recent releases of the DWF ToolKit (I suppose that Adobe decided to 
support 64 bit only in recent versions, so the ifdef in the preliminary 
releases was left intentionally blank, to prepare the code for new 

Here there is a license issue, because I'm not sure that can be used in 
production, anyway an alternative (and valuable) solution is to upgrade the 
version of the DWF ToolKit in the MapGuide (if I'm not wrong, the first 
version supporting 64x should be 7.3.x). You just need to untar the package 
in the right directory, the makefile/build file has minor changes and will 
work perfectly.
In this case you will see that the compilation will work successfully.

As it is recalled in many other parts, I suggest to do a make clean and 
recompile everything. There is no issue about compatibility with recent 
kernels and/or glibc libs, I also crosschecked this.

The advantage is that the code defined on that variables, is implemented in 
the newest version, and if you have any problem, at least you know that the 
toolkit is consistent.

Just my suggestion, let us know if you succeeded!


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