[mapguide-users] Run MGOS with IIS on another port

Jason Birch jason at jasonbirch.com
Wed Apr 21 11:22:42 EDT 2010

The port the webserver is running on shouldn't be relevant to MapGuide.

Based on your description, that error is more likely because you have
another version of PHP installed on your development machine, and it is
being seen (php.ini, path to extensions, etc) in preference to the one
bundled with MGOS.  Create a PHP file in the same location containing only a
call to phpinfo() ( <?php phpinfo(); ?> ) and see what it shows.

Because of the way that the path to php.ini is set, you can not have two
installations of the same version of PHP running on the same Windows machine
at the same time if one of them is running an ISAPI module.  It may be
possible to set the IIS version to run as a CGI, remove a PHP registry
setting, and ensure your other version of PHP has its INI location set
explicitly (I think there is an Apache configuration directive you can use).


On 21 April 2010 07:10, stoff wrote:

> I am working on my development machine and there is allready running on
> port
> 80 an apache to establish a testenvironment of trac,subversion etc.
> It is an requirement to use IIS for the new asp.net/MGOS application, so I
> decided to install IIS paralell working on port 81.
> It is not possible to login to the siteadministrator because of this
> misconfiguraton probably. He tolds me:
> Fatal error: Call to undefined function MgInitializeWebTier() in
> C:\Programme\OSGeo\MapGuide\Web\www\mapadmin\login.php on line 70
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