[mapguide-users] Connecting to WMS using Mapguide Studio

Krishna.Sista at phila.gov Krishna.Sista at phila.gov
Wed Apr 21 11:41:52 EDT 2010

Hello list,

I created a MXD(using ArcMap) which contains the Raster SDE dataset and 
published on to server ABC  as a mapservice( enabled WMS capability to the 
service). I would like to connect the WMS service from the MapGuide studio 
2010 (which is on different server). I tried googling and found you have 
to use ‘http://localhost:8008/mapguide/mapagent/mapagent.fcgi? ‘and pass 
the service and other  parameters to the link . According to my 
understanding the above link works when the layers are on the same server 
as the map guide server. But in my case the services are on different 
server and are created using Arcgis server. From the Site administrator I 
tried to configure the WMS service by specifying the server name (server 
which contains the WMS service) and the script name. But I am not sure how 
to connect from Mapguide studio to the WMS service. I would appreciate if 
somebody could shed some light.

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