[mapguide-users] setup wms using maestro

Andre Schoonbee andresch at iway.na
Mon Jan 11 04:59:48 EST 2010

I am trying to define a layer as wms using Maestro beta 2.0. (MGOS 2.1).
The layer is towns in Namibia and I can see the towns fine when I preview
the data of publish the layer on a map.

The steps I followed:
Go to properties of the towns layer; WMS and click on bottom button to
automatic get  Bounds from data (the data is in shp format). Then I added
ESPG:4326.Added Towns as name and most of the other fields such as meta data
and abstract. The permissions I left as is.

But this still now showing on my WMS open layer map. The syntax in my
wms.htm file is as follows:

			layer2=new OpenLayers.Layer.WMS("MapGuide Towns", 
transparent:"true",srs:"EPSG:4326", format:"image/png"},{opacity:"0.8"}); 

Pleased help!




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