[mapguide-users] Re: Server stopped responding...?

Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S ks at geograf.dk
Thu Jan 21 03:27:21 EST 2010

Identity fetching means "read primary key".

Unless you use MGOS 2.1 (or MGE 2010), be sure that each FeatureSource
has only one table visible, otherwise MapGuide will enumerate all tables 
and columns visible
for that FeatureSource, repeatedly.

If you are using MGOS 2.1 (or MGE 2010) the results are cached, so only 
the initial hit should
take time. The precaution stated above will still help performance for 
this initial hit.

The reason that the timing is listed in the performance section, is that 
MapGuide creates
a runtime map (binary copy of the map) on startup.
This runtime map contains the primary key of all layers involved, and 
thus issues the GetIdentityProperties
call, which takes a long time, as you have noticed.

You should be able to observe that the map startup is taking more than 9 

If you use MaestroAPI to create the runtime map, it will only fetch 
identities for layers
that are selectable. IIRC MapGuide fetches identities regardless of 

Regards, Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S

On 21-01-2010 02:44, Jamo wrote:
> I've since removed some SQL features ....
> Maybe this will help ? this Layer ahs some 300 features .... not many...
> however it seems to be taking sometime for ir ro even feth the identities?
> is this the SQL query time?
> SQL Feature
> cadFREE
> Time ....
> Profiling LayerDefinition:
> Session:a78183b8-e844-102c-8000-005056855030_en_7F0000010AF20AF10AF0//37e1ec81-60a0-4e38-8182-647862dff2d4.LayerDefinition
> Identity fetching:00:08.047 (Could be query time ?)
> Runtime layer creation:00:08.968
> Scalerange [0 : 10001]:00:01.796
> Scalerange [10001 : 10000000]:00:01.187
> Rendering scales:00:12.625 (Total Time taken to render cadFREE)
> Another example this is a shape file with few features .... seems to be a
> massive tiem difference though.
> SHP Feature
> Profiling LayerDefinition:
> Session:a78183b8-e844-102c-8000-005056855030_en_7F0000010AF20AF10AF0//fe1f4327-ba13-44bb-9a56-e78495c2b12a.LayerDefinition
> Identity fetching:00:00.499
> Runtime layer creation:00:00.967
> Scalerange [0 : 10000000]:00:00.982
> Rendering scales:00:05.381
> I'm trying to put together some examples of how slow our SQL DB is
> performing when compared to other sources.
> However before I bug our IT section with this I need to be sure it's not
> some setting I can change in mapguide.
> I've been using the SQL server to show these features for over 2 months and
> haven't had any issues. rough 3-4secs to generate image on screen. I can't
> think of any changes I've made to effect this.

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