[mapguide-users] problem with printing in fusion

Christoph Lauber christoph.lauber at geoplanteam.ch
Mon Jan 25 16:56:27 EST 2010

Hi List
I have a printing problem with Fusion (Ajax works fine) using Windows
Server 2008, IIS7 and Topobase Web.
At the moment I hit the Print icon, Firebug shows this mesage: "GET
http://my-page-ip/mapguide2010/fusion/widgets/Print/Print.html 400 Bad
Request" and the printing dialog shows up without any fields for title,
legend, ... As I hit the genereate button afterwards Firebug shows this
message: "this.dialog.content.getElementById("dialogPrintShowtitle") is
null http://my-page-ip/mapguide2010/fusion/lib/fusionSF-compressed.js
<http://my-page-ip/mapguide2010/fusion/lib/fusionSF-compressed.js Line>
Line 1"
Second error ist comprehensible because I couldn't fill in a title in
the print dialog. The first error can be avoided by eliminating the
<ShowPrintUI>true</ShowPrintUI> line in the ApplicationDefinition.xml.
But of course this is not the aime, because this way I don't get the
printing dialog.
Might this be a IIS7 issue? Has anybody a solution?
Thanks for your help.

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