[mapguide-users] How to sort a selection set

soudemans soudemans at ruekert-mielke.com
Fri Jan 27 16:17:41 EST 2012


I have a select type list box "resultSelect" that is populated from a
MapGuide OSGeo selection set using the code below.  While doing some testing
I noticed that the select box remained unsorted.  I did some searching to
find an answer but my efforts came up empty.  I tried several things
including things like results.sort() but no-go.  Does anyone have any idea
how to sort the this set?


            <select class="Ctrl" id="resultSelect" size="15"
onchange="OnResultChange()" style="width: 100%"></select>

*javascript to populate the select box*
        function OnReadyStateChange()
            var ready = queryReqHandler.readyState;
            if (ready == READY_STATE_COMPLETE)
                results = queryReqHandler.responseText.parseJSON();
                var resultSelect = document.getElementById("resultSelect");
                resultSelect.options.length = 0;
                for (var i = 0; i < results.length; i++)
                    resultSelect.options[i] = new
Option(results[i].displayValue, i, false, false);

                document.getElementById("executeBtn").disabled = false;
                document.getElementById("busyImg").src = NOT_BUSY_IMAGE;
                queryReqHandler = null;

*Javascript to capture the returned selection set  "queryReqHandler"*       
function ExecuteQuery()
            reqParams = "COMMAND=<%=Command.EXECUTEQUERY%>";
            reqParams += "&SESSION=" + encodeURIComponent(session);
            reqParams += "&MAPNAME=" + encodeURIComponent(mapName);
            reqParams += "&LAYERNAME=Sanitary%20Manholes";
            reqParams += "&USEPROPERTYFILTER=true";
            reqParams += "&PROPERTYNAME=MH_NO";
            reqParams += "&ISSTRING=true";
            reqParams += "&OPERATOR=1";
            reqParams += "&VALUE=" +
            reqParams += "&USESPATIALFILTER=false";
            reqParams += "&OUTPUTPROPERTY=MH_NO";
            reqParams += "&QUERYMAX=" +

            if (msie)
                queryReqHandler = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
                queryReqHandler = new XMLHttpRequest();

            queryReqHandler.onreadystatechange = OnReadyStateChange;
            queryReqHandler.open("POST", "querycontroller.aspx", true);

            document.getElementById("executeBtn").disabled = true;
            document.getElementById("busyImg").src = BUSY_IMAGE;


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