[mapguide-users] REST or SOAP services from an ArcGIS server.

Berg, James James.Berg at stantec.com
Mon Jun 10 10:06:32 PDT 2013

Windows Server 2003 R2 32bit
MapGuide Open Source 2.4
Maestro 5.0RC

Hi, all.

This is more of a confirmation rather than a question. I'd like to know if MGOS can use a REST or SOAP service from an ArcGIS server.

My research doesn't give much positive feedback. This mailing post seems to suggest that Fusion or pure OpenLayers could do it, but we only use the AJAX viewer.

The OGR FDO provider doesn't seem to have what we're looking for. We're not too familiar with ESRI so the closest format to us would be the ArcSDE provider.

Even knowing that this isn't possible would help me out a lot.

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