[mapguide-users] HELP: An exception occurred in DB XML component.

Gabriele Monfardini gabrimonfa at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 06:25:52 PST 2014


> I'm running MG 2.5 on Window server 2008 with .NET installation and
> everything was running smoothly.  I turned the Mapguide Service off to do
> an
> update to an MS Access database that is linked to it and then the service
> will not restart. All I get is the error below.  The Access database was
> just a front end change so I can't see how this would affect Mapguide.
> Could something have gone wrong if it was trying to do something when I
> switched the service off?  Is there any way back from this as I don't have
> a
> backup?

Has Mapguide service shut down properly or killed?

Mapguide resources are kept in a couple of BerkeleyDB dbxml

First of all I suggest you to backup MgLibraryResourceContents.dbxml and
MgLibraryResourceHeaders.dbxml (the directory is
mapguide\server\Repositories\Libraries) and put original copies in a safe
In this way if something go wrong trying to recover, you can restart from
original files.

Then you can try to use BerkeleyDB utilities inside directory
mapguide\server\bin (from a dos prompt)

Sometimes dumping the content and reloading the dbxml file solves the

db_dump -f content MgLibraryResourceContents.dbxml
db_load -f content MgLibraryResourceContents_new.dbxml

The obtained file is usually a bit smaller than original one.

You can try to put this new file MgLibraryResourceContents_new.dbxml
in mapguide\server\Repositories\Libraries renaming it
to MgLibraryResourceContents.dbxml and see if server starts.
If it starts, be sure to double check that the repository contains all the
resources (layers, maps and so on)

If this does not resolve you can try to use db_recover utility (you need
also to copy all log.000000xxx files in the directory where you put the
dbxml to be recovered) and try to start with the recovered version.
Again, if it starts, be sure to double check that the repository contains
all the resources.

You can find the documentation (even if mapguide version od berkeleydb is
older) at:



Gabriele Monfardini
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