[mapguide-users] Mapguide user rights based on area

Berg, James James.Berg at stantec.com
Mon Jan 27 08:23:14 PST 2014

For something like that you would have to create programming logic with the web server API.

If I was the one who needed to implement what you described I would start by creating a database of some kind to store user account information along with some parameters for permissions (access to specific layers, etc).

Then in the programming code I would check the user's permissions after authentication and make runtime changes to the map before the map loads. Most of the changes would be hiding layers from the legend so the user couldn't enable them.

As for restricting whole areas, the only thing I would think to do is to maintain multiple map definitions/layout definitions for different levels of permission and switch to a different at runtime before the map page loads. In theory that's how I imagine it.

Like I said, I haven't actually needed to enforce permissions like that so I don't know how well the strategy will work. As far as I know these strategies could turn out slow or hacky for whatever reason.

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