[mapguide-users] Tiled basemap group from raster doesn't show

Berg, James James.Berg at stantec.com
Tue Jan 28 11:37:48 PST 2014

MGOS 2.4 32bit
Maestro 5.1
Windows Server 2003 R3

I have a tiled basemap group containing a single raster layer made from some aerial images in TIFF format. The group is not set to be displayed on map on map load, however, when the group is activated, the aerial isn't displayed. If I refresh the map or zoom to another scale, the layer will appear and respond to toggling the layer on and off like usual until I refresh the whole page again.

Has this happened to anybody before? Am I doing anything wrong with mgcooker? I'm creating my tiles with the official method with a meters pr. Unit value that I've calculated for the map.

Thanks if anyone can send a comment.

James Berg
GIS Programmer Mechanic

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