[mapguide-users] Repository corruption from multiple users creating redlines?

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Hello, all

I've been researching the feasibility of implementing a new function for our GIS product. First, I'd like to query if the following scenario is plausible:

1. User identifies an existing line or point layer whose feature source/class should be copied
2. A copy of the layer's feature source is saved permanently to the repository in SDF format. I imagine this could be done a couple ways:
            a. Use MgFeatureService to copy the feature source (I imagine this is slow)
            b. Use some other FDO api (maybe Fdo2Fdo would work? Not really familiar with other APIs, but will use them if they're faster)
3. From now on, the user can add the new sdf feature source to their map at run-time with a generic layer definition (maybe library references to saved SDFs feature sources are stored in a SQL table or something.)
4. After adding the new layer to the map, the user can create, update, and delete rows and values from the sdf feature source using the MgFeatureService
5. The user saves their changes to the sdf feature source back to the repository.

The purpose of this is so users can create addendums for existing layers without altering the primary feature source and share addendums with other users. This allows users to collaborate and eventually request that the primary feature be updated with their addendums. My research suggests this sort of thing is possible, it basically an implementation of the sharable markup concept, but please send any comments or criticism my way, I'd greatly appreciate it.

As an aside, using an RDBMS such as PostGIS, Oracle, or SQL Server 2008 to store geometry data as an alternate solution to editing SDF files directly is being considered.

I discovered one disturbing thing in my research in this mailing list that describes the possibility of crashing a repository in scenarios where multiple users create and edit SDF redlines:


This concern was posted in 2008, does this limitation for SDF still stand? If so, would the limitation the poster describes negatively impact my proposed function.

Sorry for the long post. If anyone has a comment or two about what I'm trying to do I'd help me out a lot.


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