[mapguide-users] url - zoom to feature and set marker

Fritz Robert Robert.Fritz at win.ch
Thu Sep 4 01:38:04 PDT 2014


for reporting (CrystalReports) I need to create a map. I have a feature id and I need to zoom to the feature and mark it (feature is in my case a point feature - symbol).
Creating a map via URL request and zooming to the feature is not a  problem. But I cannot find a solution for marking the object.
Highlight doesn't work as required as I need to keep the original color of the object (symbol).
I would like to draw a marker around my feature - such as a red circle.
Is there any builtin functionality which could be used? It needs to be available as URL request parameter.
Right now I create maps for reporting with the GeoRest extension (AIMS 2013). Unfortunately it doesn't allow setting a marker.
Could this be done by creating a redlining object on the fly?
I would like to avoid programming (lack of time).

Many thanks, Rob


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