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Thanks steve. Let me try this

On Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 11:33 PM, Steve G [via OSGeo.org] <
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> I have yet to attempt to load file geodatabases into MGOS but
> theoretically you should be able to load using MGOS 2.5 and above using OGR
> feature provider with a couple caveats.  See the following webpages for ogr
> drivers:
> http://www.gdal.org/drv_filegdb.html
> http://www.gdal.org/drv_openfilegdb.html (read access only, requires OGR
> 1.11)
> For FileGDB driver to work, OGR has to be compiled with FileGDB API
> library which I do not think is compiled by default with the OGR version
> packaged with MGOS.  If you are using Windows, you can get a compiled
> version of OGR with FileGDB through the OSGeo4w (
> http://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo4w/).
> When you get all the back-end stuff figured out, add a new resource using
> the OGR provider to connect to the file geodatabase in Maestro.  Once you
> get to the FDO provider screen and if you are connecting to the data using
> a alias file/directory, right click on the box next to DataSource and under
> Value which will open a prompt window to choose the data source.
> Hope this helps getting you started...please report back to the group your
> success/failures.
> -Steve
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