[mapguide-users] MgCooker(Maestro MGOS3) Override Bounds not functioning for Tile Set Definitions

Tim Price Tim.Price at cityofnorthbay.ca
Wed Sep 28 07:29:46 PDT 2016

Hi Everyone,

I am hoping to target an area in a tile set definition using override bounds to speed up tile generation for our users. I have the use of MG Studio/AIMS as well but it doesn't support tile set definitions in at least in 2016.

If the corresponding tool to MG Studio's "Define Bounding Area" for a tile cache is "Override Bounds" in MGCooker then it doesn't appear to be doing the same thing in MGOS3. More specifically, it doesn't appear to be able to specify a targeted area for building tiles that are more frequently used instead of all tiles. If I use MG Studio 2016 and save a .bat script I can see the parameter --extent at the end of the line. This parameter is respected in AIMS and only builds tiles in my declared bounds properly. If I do the same in MgCooker (Maestro 5 & 6) I cannot get the  --extent parameter in the .bat for my inline or external tiles. Writing in the --extent parameter in the .bat for a tile set definition still doesn't narrow down my tile generation by use of bounds in MGOS3. 

Based on the Trac notes I cannot determine if changeset 8118 resolves ticket #1999 or not and in what MG version this is supposed to be fixed?

I am using Maestro  &,MGOS3, Windows 2008R2 SP1, .NET etc.  

Any help would be extremely appreciated.



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